As a university student with a passion for business and a love for natural beauty, I knew my calling was out there. But what could I do that is different? I love incorporating mother  nature into everything I do, and I'm not interested in struggling to pronounce the names of chemicals I put on my skin. Bingo. Completely natural and organic products that actually work.


Every product we make is tested on multiple skin types, complexions, and hair types of our beautiful friends and family before it is created for the rest of the world. This way, I know I can stand behind my product, knowing it is tested and true to everything it claims. And for me, the best part has to be that everything that is packaging at Pink Posh Fox is completely recycled, from the product packaging itself to the shipping materials - this way I am not adding to landfills, but rather renewing the beautiful green earth we live in.


We are vegan and cruelty free!


I am inspired every day by the people I meet, the things I learn, and the world surrounding me. I try to put every bit of passion and love into every product I make, and I hope you feel it too when your body loves you back for the pure nourishment you are giving it!


Thank you for supporting the passion, love and movement towards a better world.


- Sarah Kulig, Owner & Artist


Sarah Kulig, Owner and Artist


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