All Pink Posh Fox products are ethically sourced, fair-trade, vegan, cruelty + palm free. From bath bombs to luxurious body oils to our best-selling sugar scrub formulas - every product is lovingly handcrafted in our soaping studio + production facility in Montreal, Quebec. We built this business on the platform of promoting self-love as a daily necessity, while sparking up the conversation on mental health wherever possible, + creating beautiful products for people with sensitive skin.


We are vegan and cruelty free!




I started Pink Posh Fox when I was in university because I found my sensitive skin reacting to cosmetic products and I needed a solution! I still wanted to use the fun, fragranced products, but without the irritation. I worked tirelessly for months learning formulations and eventually found myself making products that actually worked. I saw huge improvements in my skin + my mental health as a result of prioritizing self-care. 

I began to fall in love with the process of creating. I was in a dark place with my mental health during this time and found it to be therapeutic to my mind, body and soul. I have always been passionate about spreading mental health awareness, supporting local and handcrafting products that are actually good for your skin. One night I sat down, put together a website, and that night I got my first sale. From there, the business began to take off!

Over the years, evolution has taken place. I opened my second company Kulig Aromatique with the goal of serving handcrafters like myself with high quality raw materials, excellent customer service, and the authenticity of someone who truly understands what it's like to be on the other end.

Fast forward to June of 2023 - I moved from Ontario to Quebec and signed the lease to my boutique in Montreal. Not only does this boutique house Pink Posh Fox manufacturing, but also a delicately curated collection of fair trade, one of a kind items from artists around the world. It also features our in-house apothecary, Kulig Aromatique. 

Walking into our shop is an experience that is good for the soul. I am proud that all of these ventures exist under one roof and are connected through the same values; fair-trade, ethical sourcing, self-care + community. It is an honour to own a boutique that sits at the intersection of my deepest passions, and I hope you will love it too.


I hope to change the way you think about self-love and mental health. We are better for ourselves and others when we fill up our cup first, and thus self-care is a ritual that should be incorporated into our daily lives. Self-care is not selfish; it's the most selfless thing you can do. I hope to invite you to consider the importance of self-care, and to provide you with an opportunity to nourish your mind, body and soul with my products. I make everything by hand with love, and with you in mind.


Pink Posh Fox products are handcrafted with the best ingredients. That means paying more for raw materials with documentation that show the material is 100% organic, fair-trade, ECOCERT certified, and ethically sourced. This means the wonderful humans who harvest the unrefined butters and oils from their most pure form are being paid a fair, living wage. 

We have a 0% tolerance policy for cruelty in any regard. All of our products are vegan meaning there is absolutely no animal testing or cruelty involved in any stage of production. We do not use palm oil or palm products in our collection. The harvesting of non-RSPO palm products is extremely harmful to rainforests and ecosystems and is a huge contributor to mass deforestation + extinction of endangered species. We want no part in that! 

We use synthetic mica because we absolutely do not support the child labour that goes into mining natural mica. In addition to methodically researching our ingredients, we also offer all of our products in reusable and recyclable containers. 

When we pack orders for shipping, we use biodegradable peanuts and recycled materials. We do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint and create less waste for our beautiful earth to absorb.

All of the items in our boutique are purchased fair-trade. This allows you as a consumer to be socially responsible, and empowers you to purchase according to your values while you help alleviate global poverty. Fair trade may mean some products come with a higher price tag, but it is a model we stand behind because it values safe workplaces, fair wages and community investment.

Above all, its quality + ethics first in every regard, and the integrity of our products is something we are proud to stand behind.


This business is something that I've poured my heart and soul into at every step. We are philanthropically involved with many mental health institutions and initiatives across the GTA to the Niagara region. We work with cancer foundations, women in leadership initiatives, as well as youth shelters hosting bath bomb making evenings.

We donated $10 from every Fox Box to Canadian Center of Addictions + Mental Health to help fund mental health initiatives + provide resources for those in need. We have also donated to DEBRA Canada, an Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Organization that provides families suffering with the materials they need to treat their skin condition. 

We hope to continue our philanthropic work in Montreal by donating to women’s shelters and holding regular food drives in our boutique. Giving back is a huge part of our mission! 

I am inspired every day by the people I meet, the things I learn, and the world surrounding me. I try to put every bit of passion and love into every product I make, and I hope you feel it too when your body loves you back for the pure nourishment you are giving it!

Thank you for supporting the passion, love and movement towards a better world.

Sarah Kulig Selfie

- Sarah Kulig-Bozzo, Owner & Artist