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Something exciting that I have been meaning to get to is this post! Right before the biggest, craziest, most lovely holiday ever, I got the news that my business won the Pen Centre's Mind Your Own Business Contest! It was such an out of this world experience. A lot of you might know that I am of the wee age of 21, a fourth year university student, as well as a serial entrepreneur. For as long as I can remember I've been turning everything into a business - whether that be pitching sales of cherry tomatoes from the garden to family members or selling handmade jewellery, to a successful portrait photography business, and now this - I have done it all. Business is in my blood, but so is creativity, and that is what led me to apply for this awesome contest!

Me trying to suppress my excitement after setting up for hours and hours into the morning

It allowed me to take on challenges that I had never experienced, like conducting interviews, hiring staff, figuring out how to make hundreds of bath bombs from the production studio that was my dining room in a student house, and having to write my name down on a formal contract that I am the CEO of my business! What! That was so crazy. Man, it was nerve wracking to present my business to a panel of globally known self-made business people, but it was completely worth it! Because of this experience, I was able to gain skills, be humbled by the amount of work and raw passion that goes into running a completely handmade business, and above all met new and amazing clients that became customers. 

The little setup of our gorgeous shop!

Thanks to this experience, I was able to completely move out on my own into an adorable apartment complete with a soaping/making creative studio - all to myself! I feel so blessed and eternally grateful, as if anyone knew the less than lovely situation leading up to that - it truly was a very important part of the process of becoming my best self, and the best business owner I could be. I could not have done it without the love, support and encouragement I received from the lovely people both at the Pen Centre and from my friends, family and new friends I met along the way!

Sugar Scrub and Bath Bomb Display

I've got some extremely exciting things in the works in my one year plan for this business, and it was this experience that led to a lot the skills needed to make this happen. I am excited to keep sharing this passion of natural beauty and self-love with all you incredible people.

Packing up my boyfriend's SUV with boxes and boxes of handcrafted product!

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