Luxury Bath Board Gift Set

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This beautiful gift set is every self-care lover’s dream. Including a gorgeous handcrafted black walnut bath board, a soothing Lavender Bergamot Bath Soak, nourishing Strawberry Cupcake Bath Bomb + Sugar Scrub, and a beautifully lathering handcrafted bar of J’adore soap; this set is the perfect way to say I love you. 

The Bath Board also doubles as a stunning charcuterie board. 

Product Info

The boards are approximately 35” long and handcrafted with black walnut, and finished with a 100% vegan varnish that is safe enough to apply with your hands + smells incredible. 

Care instructions:

The bath board can get wet, but avoid leaving it submersed in water for any extended period of time for best results.

The Artist

Behind this charming board is the beautiful Andrea of Niagara Rustic Wood Creations. After hearing her story, I knew she was the perfect fit to collaborate with on this luxury set. Adamant about opening up the conversation of mental health + advocating for self-love, Andrea is beyond talented + takes pride in her incredible work. I feel so blessed to be able to work with such a strong + courageous woman.

Learn more about Niagara Rustic Wood Creations here:

Niagara Rustic Wood Creations, started with a dream to make something beautiful, to fight to be happy, to fight against the stigma, to fight to be the best Mom I could be and to accept myself with a diagnosis of extreme complex PTSD.

Following my diagnosis, I felt very lost and incredibly unsure.

When I started woodworking, it felt like things just clicked. I had an outlet for my restlessness and a purpose for my creativity.

It all started with a coffee table and soon we (my son and I) began replacing/refurbishing everything in our home, until there was nothing left to do, but branch out.

Every project starts as a blank canvas and I absolutely love making something beautiful for others to enjoy.

This adventure has allowed my son and I to strengthen our bond and to build something from start to finish! It has developed an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Even though he wants to keep EVERYTHING we complete, we have compromised and hang onto the “first” of every new design we create.

Although, I’ve lost the feeling of confidence that I had within my day to day life, before PTSD, I finally feel like I’m regaining my confidence, covered in sawdust, doing what I love!