Juicy Peach CocoSoy Wax Melt - Pink Posh Fox

Juicy Peach CocoSoy Wax Melt

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A new blend is in town and she is here to stay! This delectably scented scoopable wax melt is just what you didn't know you needed this holiday season. Made with a luxurious blend of organic coconut oil and pure soy wax, this little baby packs a punch when it comes to fragrance load.

Coloured with iridescent shimmering mica, as this melts, it puts on quite the show in your wax melt warmer.

Scented in Juicy Peach - just that - ridiculously juicy peaches.

Scoop a small bit out of the container and place onto your warmer. As the wax cools, it can also be doubled up as a massage melt as well. Please enjoy responsibly and do not leave melting wax melt unattended. For best results burn for 1-3 hours at a time. Add more as needed.